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VI Commonwealth Veterans Fencing Tournament
Westwoods Health Club at Fettes College, 7 Westwoods, Edinburgh EH4 1RA
Tel: 0131 332 5777, Fax: 0131 332 5774 email: westwoods@fettes.com, www.westwoodshealthclub.com
Friday, Saturday & Sunday 5th to 7th August 2005
A competition at Men’s & Women’s Individual and Team Foil, Epee and Sabre for fencers over the age of 40 years.
Saturday 16th July.


£22.50 for one weapon,
£37.50 for two weapons,
£47.50 for three weapons. per individual.

£27.50 per Team

Entry fees are payable on line as you complete your entry form or Click here to pay your entry fee now. A receipt for payment will be sent to you by email. No entry will be accepted until payment has been made. All entry fees are non-refundable.

Your entry will be automatically sent to the organisers by email, and you will receive a copy of your entry, also by email.

Late entries will only be accepted at the discretion of the organisers.  

Entry fees to be paid online after filling up the form

Click here to pay your entry fee now


Event Format:


Two seeding rounds followed by DE to 10 hits

Age Groups

Datum 01-08-2005


Team events will use the 45 hit accumulator system. Teams to be three per side plus one reserve.
Each country will be restricted to one team per weapon
Friday 5th
Registration and Weapon Check All Day


Checkin times

08.00-08.30 - Mens Foil
08.00-08.30 - Womens Foil
13.30-14.00 - Mens Foil Teams
13.30-14.00 - Womens Foil Teams

Saturday 6th
Registration and Weapon Check All Day


Checkin times

08.00-08.30 - Mens Epee
08.00-08.30 - Womens Epee
13.30-14.00 - Mens Epee Teams
13.30-14.00 - Womens Epee Teams

Sunday 14th
Registration and Weapon Check 08.30 to 12.00


Checkin times

08.00-08.30 - Mens Sabre
08.00-08.30 - Women's Sabre
13.30-14.00 - Mens Sabre Teams
13.30-14.00 - Womens Sabre Teams
Each competition will begin ½ hour after checkin closes.  
Paul Neil-MacLachlan - Chairman of the Organising Committee, 16, Cramond Bank, Edinburgh, EH4 6PS, UK
  email info@veteransfencing.com  
  Emergency telephone contacts during the competition: 07734-833-869 or 07793-202-513


Age Groups:
All age groups will fence together in one competitions for each weapon.

In all individual competitions there will be Gold, Silver and double Bronze medals for the overall placings. There will be one Gold medal for each age group in each weapon. Team medals will be Gold, Silver and Bronze for each team member, including the reserve.

Points to Note on Safety:
All fencers and spectators do so at their own risk, and are personally responsible for their own safety. Spectators are admitted to the venue, and entries accepted, on the understanding that the Organising Committee, Officials, Referees, Sponsors and Venue staff cannot accept responsibility for accident, loss or damage to persons or property, however sustained.

In accordance with the resolution taken at the FIE Congress of 1998, all fencers will be asked to sign a Waiver of Responsibility. This form will be available at the venue before the competition. the organisers do not accept responsibility for any injury or loss of personal items. Please ensure that all insurance is up to date.

Directoir Technique:
We will need three non Scottish people on this body. If you should wish to volunteer for consideration as a member of this body please email the organisers. If there are not enough volunteers then members will be so-opted on the day.

Competitors are asked to provide a biopic of themselves for media purposes. Please send this by email to the organisers, including a recent photo for accreditation purposes (head and shoulders preferable) and your recent fencing record to assist with seeding requirements.
Would non-fencing Officials also provide photos by email.

Membership Required:
An FIE licence or a licence issued by the Fencing Federation of your country is required to fence in the 6th Commonwealth Championships.
Fencers will not be allowed to compete without proof of this membership on the day.

Each country is asked to provide a competent referee, or to confirm that individual fencers will assist with the refereeing of the competitions.

Equipment Stand AllstarUhlmann UK will have an equipment stand throughout the competition.

Catering Food will be available throughout the competition

There will be weapon control. All equipment must comply with British Fencing Rules for open competitions. We would encourage all fencers to wear full FIE equipment.. New timings will be used

A raffle will be held over the weekend, and we would appreciate it if each country donated a prize representing their country's heritage/tradition. Any other prizes would also be welcome.

Saturday Evening Function:
A function including dinner and drawing the raffle will be held on Saturday evening - Details will be circulated nearer the time.